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2nd-Jun-2006 12:55 am - YES. YES. YES!
Sister White

From Bruce Campbell.com

<tr><td>Daring Dragoon Does DVD </td> </tr> <tr> <td>05.22.06</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td>

Remember the series Jack of All Trades?Wait, you do? Holy crap! Well, now you won't need to merely rememberthe series. Soon enough, you'll be able to watch every single episodeof the... um... let's just skip adjectives for now... show!

Perhaps it was the fan-applause for the upcoming release of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. DVD that contributed to the resurrection of JOAT, but regardless, the series is coming out on DVD before long.

So, pretty soon, you'll be able to display both of Bruce'ssingle-season, cancelled television series right next to each other.Hooray! In the meantime, you can refresh yourself with the Jack of all Trades episode guide.


More here

28th-Jan-2006 11:56 am - Brisco To Go DVD!
Sister White

Thanks to both fans of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., the short-but-sweet, cancelled-and-lamented series starring Bruce as the titular hero will be released on DVD by Warner Bros. sometime in the vague future.

We don't know when it will happen; they just decided to do it. Don't ask us. We have a nasty habit of posting all the information we know.

Sister White

They Call Him Bruce...

They Call Me Bruce is being produced by Dark Horse Indie, the new joint venture production company created by Dark Horse Entertainment and Image Entertainment. Popular actor and Oregon resident Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness) is set to star and direct. He will also produce the project with another Oregon resident, Dark Horse president Mike Richardson.

They Call Me Bruce is the tale of a small town set upon by demons after a group of teen-agers unwittingly unleash an ancient curse. Campbell, playing himself, is kidnapped off the set of a B horror movie and, despite his protestations that he's just an actor, is forced to play the role of his heroic movie character in order to save the town. Mark Verheiden (The Mask, TimeCop) is writing the screenplay. Production is scheduled for early 2006 in southern Oregon.


22nd-Nov-2005 08:29 pm - Pics!
Sister White
I need Bruce pics.
Any you got, send them to

Might use them for a website, might simply put them in an online album.
18th-Nov-2005 10:47 pm - Best Bruce Game?
Has anyone actually played the new Evil Dead game Regeneration?
If so is it any good? Better than Fistfull of Boomstick?
Also, which game featuring Bruce Campbells voice is everyones favourite?
I'm quite partial to Spider-Man 2, anyone else?
5th-Nov-2005 11:54 pm - Terminal Invasion.
Sister White
Not my fave Bruce film, but it will be shown again this tuesday at 11 PM on Scifi.

Still, maybe your only change to see scruffy Bruce :p

Then again, he does have a mustache in Man With The Screaming Brain...
21st-Apr-2005 10:49 pm - Bruce Campbell's chin
Sister White
Till sunday i'm moderator of the temperary Bruce Campbell forum at The Plex.
Come by!!
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